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Multi-Funds currently represents several boutique, specialty asset managers, providing marketing support, key accounts assistance and an independent field sales force. Our primary objective is to provide asset management firms a professional, competent and productive field sales force, and to deliver the future of investing – boutique, independent money managers – to the financial advisory community.

Why Choose Multi-Funds?


With over 15 years of wholesaling experience, we provide asset managers access to one of the most knowledgeable and accountable advisory sales and marketing forces in the country.


We’re experts in all marketing mediums. Be it print, online or in-person, we work with asset managers to create the best possible combination of marketing materials to help ensure market penetration.

Multi-boutique Structure

We work directly with specialists and best-in-class asset managers. We also provide access to the next wave of style-forward asset managers, objective advice and solutions to all advisory channels.


Storytelling is a crucial component in communicating your investment methodology. We help asset managers craft compelling stories that are tailored to their unique solutions to maximize product adoption and distribution.


As consultants, we assist asset managers in appealing to financial advisors and help them gain access to more platforms by fine-tuning their marketing and communication strategies.

Thought Leadership

Through top-down thought leadership, we assist financial advisors in strengthening client portfolios by providing an in-depth understanding with the macro environment, rules-based methodologies and other unique strategies.

Strategic Partners

AlphaCentric Funds
AlphaCentric Funds

AlphaCentric Funds was created with the goal of providing financial advisors and their clients distinctive, innovative, alpha-driven strategies in mutual fund format.


Eventide Funds is a values-based investment firm that focuses on investing in companies that produce outstanding investment returns by, first and foremost, doing the right thing.


The Advisory Research MLP & Energy Income Fund invests in publicly traded equity and debt securities of master limited partnerships (MLPs) and in equity and debt securities of other companies focused in the energy infrastructure sector.


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