Multi Funds Financial

Multi-Funds, Inc. is a provider of wholesaling services to companies in the financial services industry. We are the exclusive distributor of several boutique investment managers. Our goal is simple, to provide best in class strategies that fulfill niche categories in well diversified portfolios. Multi-Funds is represented by regional directors placed over much of the country, whose job it is to keep the financial planner up to date on new ideas in portfolio management and to provide the financial planner or advisor with boutique investment managers not necessarily available to everyone.

Our Regional Directors are fully responsible for their own businesses in a defined region of the United States. This entails meeting with financial planners and advisors to provide consulting advice to their businesses as well as being incentivized to manage their own business in a profitable manner.

On average, our Regional Directors have an average of 17 years of wholesaling experience.


Contact information

Multi-Funds, Inc.
1731 Willow Wood Dr.
Nixa, MO 65714
Phone: 417.207.5677
E-mail: mark.kamies@multi-funds.com