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Advisory Research Investment Management, headquartered in Chicago, manages and advises assets in markets where we have deep expertise. Our actively-managed strategies include U.S. value and growth, international value, global equity, MLP & energy infrastructure, and alternatives. We offer separate account management as well as mutual funds to U.S. institutional and intermediary investors. We deliver distinct investment opportunities for the benefit of our clients through differentiated processes, specialized products, efficient operations, and high touch client service. Advisory Research, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Piper Jaffray Companies.

The Advisory Research MLP & Energy Income Fund invests in publicly traded equity and debt securities of master limited partnerships (MLPs) and in equity and debt securities of other companies focused in the energy infrastructure sector. The Fund will purchase securities across the capital structure of MLPs and their affiliates with the goal of providing greater liquidity and lower volatility with a high correlation to MLP returns. The Fund seeks to provide investors with the following benefits:

  • High yields relative to other yield focused investments.
  • Increased opportunity set by investing across the capital structure.
  • Increased liquidity.
  • High portfolio income with lower volatility.
  • Alpha opportunity through asset allocation among MLPs, energy infrastructure equities, investment grade and high yield bonds.


Fact Sheets

MLP & Energy Income Fund Fact Sheet

The MLP & Energy Income Fund provides core characteristics that typically make MLPs attractive, while also addressing investor concerns about the MLP asset class.

Emerging Markets Opportunities Fund

The team combines rigorous fundamental research and quantitative tools in an effort to seek superior investment outcomes in inefficient international markets.

International Small Cap Value Fund

The team combines rigorous fundamental research and quantitative tools in an effort to seek superior investment outcomes in inefficient international markets.

All Cap Value Fund

The All Cap Value Fund targets inefficient parts of the market, seeking companies that have easily understood business models, profitable operations, solid financial positions, and attractive absolute valuations.

Strategic Income Fund

The Strategic Income Fund invests in several types of income-generating securities, including: debt securities, preferred securities, common stocks, and other income-producing securities.

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