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AlphaCentric Funds was created with the goal of providing financial advisors and their clients distinctive, innovative, alpha-driven strategies in mutual fund format. Our investment managers are go-anywhere, flexible and nimble. They have solid long-term track records with institutional assets and separately managed accounts. Our innovative and experienced managers provide top-down thought leadership that represents forward-thinking investing, attempting to help financial advisors and their clients make better investment decisions.


Fund Listing

AlphaCentric Fund Listing

From our founding in 2014, AlphaCentric Funds strives to be the alpha-driven future of investing. We seek to offer financial advisors and their clients access to best-in-class, style-forward managers in open-end mutual fund format, the types of products that were once only available to institutions and large endowments. The underlying theme behind all of our products is Alpha, which is a measure of the difference between a fund’s actual returns and its expected performance given its level of risk. Funds that generate positive alpha provide financial advisors and their clients superior returns at the same level of risk as the benchmark, which is often what advisors use for their passive investment approach.

Income Opportunities Fund

Income Opportunities Fund Fact Sheet

Seeks to achieve current income and total return by implementing an alpha-driven, “principles-based” investment process focusing on complex and hard to source asset-backed securities.

Hedged Market Opportunity Fund

Hedged Market Opportunity Fund Fact Sheet

Seeks capital appreciation with lower overall volatility than the equity market by utilizing a robust, algorithm-driven trading system across a broad options landscape.

Robotics and Automation Fund

Objective: To achieve long‐term growth of capital.

Primary Goals and Key Reasons to Invest:

  • Global Growth Opportunity: We believe growth in robotics for workplace automation has reached a tipping point towards wide-scale adoption Global spending on robotics is rapidly expanding.
  • Thematic Investment Opportunity: Currently the AlphaCentric Global Innovations Fund (GNXAX) is the only actively managed mutual fund dedicated to automation and robotics. The Fund is diversified by company industry sector country market capitalization and style and acts as a complement to a diversified equity portfolio.
  • Long-term Growth of Capital: The Fund employs proprietary, bottom up research to identify companies worldwide with innovation technologies such as robotics and automation companies and potential for long‐term out-performance.
  • Disciplined Strategy: The Fund will concentrate its investments (i.e. invest more than 25% of its assets) in the machinery and electrical equipment industries. The Fund may invest without limit in companies located anywhere in the world and under normal conditions at least 40% of the Fund’s assets will be in securities of issuers domiciled in at least countries outside of the United States.

Minimum Investment: $2,500, Subsequent Investment: $100

Symmetry Strategy Fund

Symmetry Strategy Fund

Strategy is a blend of managed futures and traditional exposure designed to create a symmetry of the different return streams.

Typically, traditional exposures do well when companies are experiencing strong cash flows while managed futures do well when we see “crash flows” or risk off environments.

Traditional exposures rely on the manager’s focus on value oriented global equity and bond investments.  Managed futures exposures utilize the manager’s time tested trend following (or quantitative based) investment process.

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