2019 Nominee for Liquid Alternative of the Year

2018 Top Event Driven Manager

Camelot offers core strategies that are fully diversified, as well as specialty strategies that can be used to round out a portfolio with unique needs. Risk associated with each strategy can range from a beta (S&P 500) of <.25 to 1+ and strategies are mixed to balance client risk tolerance and time horizon with desired outcomes.


Company Profile

Values-Based Investing: In Practice

Since their founding in 2008, Camelot Portfolios has delivered investment solutions that make it easy for Advisors to make their client’s calling a reality. From basic capital preservation to complex alternative strategies; they help advisors differentiate and deliver value. Contact our team today to learn about how Camelot can help deliver more value and better outcomes for your clients.

Camelot Event-Driven Fund

Class A: EVDAX | Class I: EVDIX

The Camelot Event-Driven Fund invests in the securities of companies that are expected to undergo significant corporate events that change the structure or strategy of the company.

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