Camelot offers core strategies that are fully diversified, as well as specialty strategies that can be used to round out a portfolio with unique needs. Risk associated with each strategy can range from a beta (S&P 500) of <.25 to 1+ and strategies are mixed to balance client risk tolerance and time horizon with desired outcomes.


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Values-Based Investing: In Practice

Since their founding in 2008, Camelot Portfolios has delivered investment solutions that make it easy for Advisors to make their client’s calling a reality. From basic capital preservation to complex alternative strategies; they help advisors differentiate and deliver value. Contact our team today to learn about how Camelot can help deliver more value and better outcomes for your clients.

Camelot Event-Driven Fund

Class A: EVDAX | Class I: EVDIX

The Camelot Event-Driven Fund invests in the securities of companies that are expected to undergo significant corporate events that change the structure or strategy of the company.

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