Executive Summary

Multi-Funds, LLC is one of the premier third-party marketing, consulting and distribution firms in the investment industry today. Founded in 2008, Multi-Funds currently represents several boutique, specialty asset managers, providing marketing support, key accounts assistance and an independent field sales force.  Multi-Funds has evolved into a best-of-breed distribution outsourcing solution for some of the best emerging investment managers in the industry. Our 21 Regional Directors nationally have an average of 17 years wholesaling experience, calling on a wide range of financial institutions and professionals.

Multi-Funds’ primary objective is to provide asset management firms a professional, competent and productive field sales force. Our Regional Directors have long term relationships with financial advisors in their territories covering the majority of the US. Leveraging these relationships creates an opportunity to raise quality, long term assets for each one of our strategic partners.

Our process is a bottom-up, top-down approach that involves working very closely with each of our Strategic Partners.  We deliver sound investment solutions to the investment community bottom-up, one office and one advisor at a time, while at the same time, our Strategic Partners drive top-down thought leadership to the Financial Advisory community through white papers, robust commentary and practice management and portfolio construction help. Together, we work diligently to grow assets for our Strategic Partners at an expectation level that is mutually acceptable and attainable.

Multi-funds’ fees for its wide array of professional services are competitive and economically sound for all of our Strategic Partners. We provide an opportunity to outsource external sales without having to hire a sales force. Our Strategic Partners pay us a flat basis point fee on assets raised– no retainer fees, expense allowances, tiered payouts, etc.  Most tier one and tier two mutual fund firms strive to keep their sales to distribution expense around 80bps.  Our model is flexible, but structured around performance — you pay when the assets come in, with no “engagement fees” or other charges, asset-based or fixed cost. We typically engage into two or three year agreements with our Strategic Partners, but as with all entrepreneurial businesses, we are not averse to getting creative with our agreements.

We at Multi-Funds understand that mutual success — yours and ours – is the only acceptable outcome.  Since inception, we have raised north of 5 billion for our Strategic partners and the pace continues to accelerate. But all situations are different – AUM growth is dependent on many different factors that both MFLLC and our Strategic Partners work through during the due diligence process.

In summary, Multi-Funds offers an affordable, professional and customizable sales and marketing solution to up-and-coming fund managers, allowing them to grow AUM without the difficulties of “owning” sales help.

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